Aug 12 2018

Illustration in UI/UX

Illustration is a great way to enhance positive user experience in UI/UX design, so lets take a look at why you should be embracing illustration as a core principle of your brand and some of the ways you should be putting it to work. It's often noted how much faster our brains process and recognize images over text. Human beings are naturally attracted to visual images, they not only offer an aesthetic value but often times are able to convey more to the observer than an elaborate block of text.

There are now numerous prototyping tools out there and 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for designers and a competitive one for companies. Many of the tools out there are relatively budget friendly and are extremely competitive in terms of features and functionality, so which tool should you be using? Prototyping can help clients to understand user journeys, provide a detailed preview of what a final product may look like, and can help facilitate effective communication between designer and client.

Dribbble is an invite only social network of talented designers who share snapshots of their work. There are no hacks, you can't buy your way in, and there are no hidden shortcuts. Most of the designers earned their place on Dribbble and are very talented. You have to excel at design and have a solid online portfolio if you want to stand out among the hundreds of other people looking for an invite.

Jan 21 2016

Drafted on Dribbble

After signing up as a prospect and hunting for an invite I was finally drafted on Dribbble is an invite only community that markets itself as a "Show and tell for designers." It's a great website for getting inspiration and keeping up to date with trends in design and allows users to connect with designers all over the world to share knowledge and find collaborators.